About Us - Our Story - Lit Soul Candles

In 2014, our founder turned to meditation to cope with the tragic loss of a loved one. After experiencing the bountiful benefits of meditation, she became determined to encourage others to indulge in daily quiet time.

Shortly after, in 2015, came Lit Soul Candles - meditation candles curated with your spiritual health in mind. At Lit Soul Candles, we believe that mindfulness has the power to transform lives.

We aren't just a company, we are a movement. Each time you glance at your candle, we hope you will be reminded to take a moment, breathe, and invest in your spiritual well being.

This simple act of pausing with our candle can serve as a gentle nudge towards mindfulness, encouraging a deeper connection with your inner self. It's a small step towards creating a tranquil sanctuary in your home, where every flicker of the flame symbolizes peace and clarity.

Our slow-burning hand crafted candles are made with a cotton-core wick, offering sustainable option that also promotes a superior scent throw, enhancing your overall sensory experience. We use phthalate-free fragrances oils, to promote a healthier environment, free from harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional candles.

Each candle is chakra specific, and contains a hand selected High Vibration Crystal (available when the candle burns out). Once you’ve enjoyed your candle to the end of its life, simply wash your crystal and place it on your corresponding chakra during meditation.

There’s one more thing: Lit Soul Candles are made in "upcycled" soup cans.

The contents from these cans are used to make meals for individuals experiencing housing and food insecurity in California. That’s a lot of hungry tummies to feed. With each candle you purchase, you help us to do what we love most: light souls.

Our Work In The Community