Meet The Founder


Products are cool, but PEOPLE make a business!

MONICA RAE Founder, Creator, Mother.

Hi! I am Monica, the Founder of Lit Soul Candles! About four years ago, I turned to meditation to heal from the tough situations I was experiencing. I decided to meditate everyday (morning & night) for 30 days. At first it was weird, but after a couple of weeks, lighting my candle and meditating became the the most important part of my day.

My thoughts were no longer in control and I rapidly noticed a transformation in my life. It was like magic, and when the 30 days were up I decided to implement it into my daily routine. One of the best decisions I have made ​I believe that meditation has the power to transform our lives. Taking that little moment to center ourselves makes all the difference.

I believe that my purpose in life is to encourage meditation to everyone, and hopefully to breakdown some of the stigmas surrounding the practice along the way. The crystals inside of our candles serve as an incentive for daily quiet time.

Think Cracker Jacks, but for crystal and candle lovers. My hope is that you enjoy your quiet time, our awesome scents, and then when the time comes- a beautiful meditation crystal!

Favorite Candle: Sage was Here
Favorite Mantra: "The universe is awesome, I am one the the universe."
Favorite Crystal: Unakite